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DoxyBlocks integrates doxygen into Code::Blocks. It provides facilties for automatically inserting comments, building and running documentation, running doxywizard and more. It is now part of the Code::Blocks trunk and available in SVN nightly builds.

The doxygen docs for DoxyBlocks, created with DoxyBlocks, are available here.

The forum discussion is here.


A .cbplugin compatible with Code::Blocks 10.5 on Windows is available from here or the file manager. Many thanks to KillerBot for building it for me so that I could finally make it available.

Note: If the toolbar images don't show up, Code::Blocks hasn't copied some of the images to the right places. In this case, you need to do it manually. The .cbplugin is just a zip file. Open it with an archive manager, appending ".zip" first if neccessary, and extract DoxyBlocks.zip found inside. Now open this archive and copy the "images" directory you find there to

in your installation. You should now see a new folder called "DoxyBlocks" in
The images will now display.

I will try and arrange a Linux version as soon as I can.