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wxSmith is a free Rapid Application Design plug-in for Code::Blocks, a free IDE for C++, wxWidgets and other languages. wxSmith is designed to allows easy visual creation of wxWidgets window frames and dialogues within the IDE. Some additional information is available on the Code::Blocks Wiki.

wxSmith In Action

wxSmith In Action

This site is the beginning of what I hope will grow, over time, into a collection of add-ons and patches for wxSmith. Ultimately, I hope that they will be integrated into the release version of Code::Blocks for all to use. The collection is intended to include the addition of standard wxWidgets controls currently missing from wxSmith, enhancements to existing features and the addition of new or contributed controls to the control palette, including those available at wxCode.

The first add-on I have created uses the KOAN wxIndustrialControls (KWIC). This add-on adds a collection of gauge-type controls as well as a bitmap changer, a bitmap checkbox and some LCD controls. Please see the dedicated page for all of the details.


All of the controls used are licenced under an open source licence, usually the GPL, the wxWindows Licence or some variation thereof. My add-ons respect the licence of the original package and are similarly unfettered. You will need to examine the code in each case to learn the exact details but you should not find any limitations in using the code other than those imposed by the original author.